Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Emergent BioSolutions had to throw away 400 MILLION doses of COVID vaccines...but how many went into arms?/ Russell Brand finally gives you the lowdown

In addition to 4 different vaccines the company was contracted to produce, there were 5 different drug and serum products the company was making for COVID as well.

I have been warning the public about this company since September 1998.  Hopefully now the regulators will finally listen!


Anonymous said...

I am SO glad you finally posted again. Was worried "they" had somehow legally/forcibly silenced you or something! Was missing my favorite voice of Covid reason.

Anonymous said...

Here's Witney's lowdown on this low down company and its roots and spawns. Aligns with your reporting.

Anonymous said...


1.) MINDBLOWING: Pfizer ADMITS in own documents it likely can’t demonstrate sufficient efficacy or safety of its COVID-19 vaccines to get permanent use approval!

2.) "Took The Jabs? Welcome To Hell"!

If you took the jabs it is very likely your immune response to Covid-19 has been permanently damaged and, when you get infected as a direct result of taking the jab there is a high probability, about six in ten, you will not gain durable immune recognition of the “N” protein from the infection and thus you will get serially reinfected every time you are subsequently exposed to any other variation that as a mutation in the “S” and “RBD” areas of the virus sufficient to evade (or worse, BINDS TO) vaccine-induced antibodies.

Again: Everyone involved deliberately lied; this was known, intentionally concealed and just recently published even though all of these facts were known in late 2020 and were a screaming reason to halt the rollout.

You can’t un-take the jabs folks so if you’re one of the six in ten you’re ****ed.

Oh by the way it doesn’t matter which jab you took; all of those that encode only the spike, which is at present all of them in the US and other so-called “western” nations, would be expected to have the same problem.