Friday, May 27, 2022

WaPo spills the beans on Uvalde school shooting. Police kept people out of the school for one hour as things unfolded. Parents have video.


UPDATE on Uvalde, May 27. Even the Washington Post, a CIA rag owned by Jeff Bezos who also has the CIA cloud contract, could not keep the news of the bizarre, if not criminal, behavior of law enforcement at Uvalde quiet. Per the WaPo:

The shooter was “not confronted by anybody” as he walked into Robb Elementary School, a regional director of the Texas Department of Public Safety said at a news conference Thursday, contradicting officials’ earlier statements that an officer “engaged” the shooter beforehand. Officers arrived four minutes after the gunman entered the school, the regional director said, but remained outside the classroom until a heavily armed tactical team arrived about an hour in…

and from another WaPo update:

Authorities say 18-year-old Salvador Rolando Ramos’s rampage in Uvalde, Tex., began late Tuesday morning when he shot his grandmother in the face and drove her truck toward Robb Elementary School. He crashed close to school grounds and shot at two people nearby before going on foot to Robb, a state public safety official said Thursday.

Texas public safety officials initially said Ramos stormed the school despite encountering a school police officer and offered conflicting information about whether the two exchanged gunfire. But Victor Escalon Jr., South Texas regional director for the state Department of Public Safety, said at a news conference Thursday that officials’ early reports were wrong and that Ramos was not challenged as he entered.

Ramos “walked in unobstructed,” he said. Interviews, video and emergency line audio show how about an hour passed before officers stopped the gunman.

Yet another live WaPo update, after a vague discussion of the possibility that “negotiations” look place during the hour in which the shooter was active inside the school, relates:

Authorities confirmed Thursday that the gunman spent about an hour inside the school before officers from a tactical team got into a classroom and shot him. Meanwhile, parents outside pleaded with officers to let them in so they could save their children, according to videos from the scene.

“The people of Uvalde, of Texas, and of the nation deserve an accurate account of what transpired,” [Congressmember] Castro wrote.

I have not included information covered in alternative media indicating that an active shooter exercise was done at the Robb school in Uvalde 2 months earlier. Whether or not that is true, I think everyone can agree that there is absolutely no acceptable explanation for police to fail to engage an active shooter in an elementary school for one hour while keeping parents out—especially since the alleged shooter was eventually killed by police, and was known to have killed his grandmother before driving to the school.

I don’t know if the shooter was drugged, mind controlled, a trained assassin, or something else. What I do know is that police grossly failed to do their duty. Other adults were prevented from entering, both to stop the carnage and be witnesses to what was occurring.

And widespread calls for gun control followed immediately after this dreadful massacre. Joe Biden and Greg Abbott are planning Uvalde photo-ops.

How long will Americans allow such events to continue, without incising the abscess and understanding the pus at the root of school shootings?

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