Monday, August 4, 2008

Jean Duley redux

Bloggers Larisa Alexandrovna (Raw and Glenn Greenwald ( beat the major press on Jean Duley's background. Seems she has an extensive police record including two arrests for DUI since 2006 and a remote drug paraphernalia charge. I suspected as much, having read that she was involved in treating addicts with Suboxone. Many substance abuse counselors are themselves recovered abusers. In this case, her recovery seems to be in question. And she just graduated college!

This inexperienced lady with a questionable background is the only person to come forward claiming Ivins was a homicidal maniac. And to read the media coverage, you see that this tactic might have succeeded. Why didn't the AP, NY Times, and the other outlets that posted audio of her court testimony and went overboard covering her claims do the simplest background check?


Anonymous said...

I think it went something like this. Ivins had a psychotic episode (from stress) and told her he was going to jail for five deaths and maybe he said what does it matter if I kill others (i.e. her). This scared the crap out of her. She wanted a restraining order so she threw every accusation she could think of. Most of it was BS but the threat to her was probably genuine. But in requesting a restraining order a "history" is important so she embellished. Bottom line, it shows he lost it at the end but does nothing to establish that he had a sinister side or history of violence. All in all, his personal history should damage the FBI's case because it appears clean. We will have to wait for the DNA evidence that is now being floated as the smoking gun.

- Ray Robison

Wingspan said...

Jean Duley seems to have been in the opioid painkiller treatment business as described by her article in the Frederick Post . Does this imply that she met Ivins through a pain killer dependence program? How did she come into contact with the FBI? Does she usually turn her clients in? Has she had problems with opioid dependence in the past? Her arrest record seems to imply that.

Anonymous said...

I am glad that someone is questioning the veracity of the claims made by Jean Duly. I felt suspicious after hearing the court testimony at the NY Times website. The more that I learn, the more that I question the truthfulness of this "therapist." There is always a tendency to blame victims of threats so I want to be very careful here, however I also feel that we need much more information about the accuser.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for standing up for Bruce. He will be sorely missed by all who truly knew him, not as the person the news media and the FBI have painted him to be.

Anonymous said...

I read today how Israel is not allowing ill Palestinians to travel out of Gaza to get medical treatment, unless they agree to be spies for Israel. You have to wonder about Jean Duley, who's been arrested and had a lot of problems with the law. She is the perfect target for the FBI to pressure and to make a deal to spare her jail time in return for helping go after Ivins. When I saw her handwriting on the raw story documents, I was shocked to see so many signs of instability and dishonesty in her handwriting. She is the least reliable person in this, and her word should carry very little weight.

Thinker said...

I just would like to say I concur with your judgements/
suspicions about the social worker, Jean Duley.

I have a MA in Counseling myself, and something about how she filled out her TRO--the language, the unprofessional/excessive level of detail about her client she exposed, and now the details regarding her own conflicts in terms of having addiction issues of her own--immediately stood out for me as signs of a significant lack of experience, and a potentially emotionally clouded new therapist who could over-interpret her client's expressions of anger and hopelessness. Or worse yet, be vulnerable to outside pressures to protect her newly acquired professional credentials by assisting the FBI in a rush to close this case.

In no way am I trying to insinuate she may be anything other than a type of victim in this situation herself, whether a victim of inexperience or of human error.
I just really hope that for everyone's sake--Ms. Duley's, Mr. Ivan's family, the American people--that the truth in this case is what prevails.

Anonymous said...

A therapist spells her profession "theripist" in a complaint. Really?

Is this what the MSM is going with?

Norn Cutson said...

thank you for your blog!
i came here via Glenn Greenwald & i will keep checking in as this story unfolds.

Anonymous said...

Something smells from here to FBI headquarters, it has a slightly acrid odor like a burning bush. Funny how only Democrats got Anthrax letters, funny how when Steven Hatfill got the DOJ to settle (didn't want the media to reveal sources of leaks) Ivins springs full into their headlights.
Not the 1st man the government hounded to death, seems our biggest fear should be our own government, not anthrax, not terrorist, not Islam. I'm probably being logged as I type this, thank you Homeland Security for keeping the Fatherland safe and free and for allowing me to cary up to 3 ounces of liquid on a plane. I can't take all this freedom. I did not know Mr. Ivins, but I feel sorry he was put through the wringer because the FBI is incompetent and someone had to be the patsy.

Anonymous said...

"Theripist" might just be a typo because she spells other, (although one would think a therapist would catch such an obvious typo).

The real questions should be about the FBI. If a guy is a bioweapons scientist with access to anthrax AND he is nuts, why did it take nearly seven years to close in on such an obvious suspect? Why make the egregious mistake of targetng Hatfil?

The letters with the anthrax were about the Middle East. Hatfill had no interest in it. Did this guy?

There is too much wrong with this story.

Jessica Ramer

Anonymous said...

would your gov. do that to you? they have before, many times!!!

Anonymous said...

Based on Jean Duley's letters to the editor of a local Frederick, MD., newspaper, she was a socially liberal civil libertarian, opposed to both racism and the Patriot Act.

Based on her criminal court records, she was also an relapsing drug or alcohol abuser, in direct opposition to her duties as a drug counselor. Thus making her a perfect target for FBI intimidation.

The information she supplied the court in connection with her application for a restraining order against Dr. Ivins suggests that many of her allegations against Ivins were based on hearsay from third parties, not personal knowledge.

One can well imagine FBI agents eliciting her cooperation to violate drug treatment confidentiality laws by telling her that Ivins had been forensically diagnosed as a psychopath of long standing and that he was imminently facing indictment on 5 murder charges.

As evidenced by her letter to the editor opposing it, Ms. Duley was aware that the Patriot Act allowed government officials to gain access to everyone's financial, academic and medical records, so she would have no reason to doubt the veracity of the FBI's statements to her.

These statements, repeated in her court proceedings but unattributed, likely grossly exaggerated suggestions both increased her personal fears and motivated her to further cooperate with the FBI.

Thus Ms. Duley, like Dr. Ivins and Dr. Hatfill, was likely yet another innocent victim of outrageous government leaks of false information.

This illegally leaked information, made public through Duley, is now being used by the FBI to "prove" in a trial by public press that it has solved the anthrax murders.

Anonymous said...

Much has been said about Ms. Duley's Court Record, however, the boyfriend, Michael D. McFadden seems to have some issues as well. Granted, I have no evidence, but I am wondering if this was a couple who was neck-deep in financial and legal woes. Easy to manipulate? Just speculation. Sorry, but if the media is going to hold this woman up as an "expert", better know the whole story. I also don't like the way they keep touting the estranged brother's quote. I saw that video clip online. Doesn't seem very credible either.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone actually figured out who Jean Duley worked for? She seems to quote some doctor, but did she work for him?

Anonymous said...

It is interesting that the most recent Duley DUI in April had the fines dropped completely.

Additional information about Ivins' alcohol and drug problems explain his demons and probably his memory difficulties.

Anonymous said...

So a vaccinologist and mass murder suspect is under investigation and continues to have access to anthrax? Sure. If the FBI had one piece of evidence he'd have been arrested in a pico-second. Another con job on the American public.

Anonymous said...

As a relation of somebody that did BioWar research for many decades at Fort D including the time Ivins was there, my relation said in as many words

"Improbable, doesn't sound like him, he liked to volunteer and help people and was keen on juggling, spent lots of time in church related activities. Nice guy."

Anonymous said...

How do you get off on multiple DUI offenses, most recently three months ago, while working as a substance abuse counselor, and get a $500 fine and probation?

Anybody who's posted here that did such would be in state prison.

Anonymous said...

I've found a number of inconsistencies regarding Duley's statements. The latest is that she testified in court:
"That he had been roaming the streets of Frederick trying to pick a fight with somebody so he could stab them. That they weren't going to take him out without a fight."

Yet the sworn search warrant to search the library says:

"Ivins stated that he had been walking around the 'ghetto' areas of Frederick late at night hoping someone would try to hurt him so he could stab them with a sharp writing pen. "

Anonymous said...

"Theripist" wasn't type, her comments were hand written on the petition for the order of protection. See
She also wrote that she would "tetisfy" with other details, and "I have been subpoena". (no English in college these days??)

Anonymous said...

This is so transparent as a 'cover up' to protect Philip Zack. The clincher for me was the reinvention of Zack as Catholic. Why would they attempt that?

westthea said...

In the information that the FBI did release to the public, I am quite certain that Bruce Ivins was intentionally pushed to commit suicide. For example there is a section where he purportedly states the following on July 23, 2000, "It's been a really stressful week, from all stand points. Home, work, and its not going well with the counselor I'm going to. (She said she thinks********************************* I'm going to have to ask to get put with another counselor or into a group session....... Sometimes I think that it's all just too much.

In the area that the FBI blacked out shown with the asterisks, it likely reads as follows:

She said she thinks I'M GOING TO COMMIT SUICIDE.

The FBI would not want the public to see this because it would severerely damage their case. If I am correct and I quite certain I am, Ivins would want to have another counselor or at least have others in the session on which he can validate his concerns. What were those concerns? It appears he felt the shrink was coaxing him into committing suicide. It certainly would allow the FBI to suggest that the case be closed and take the investigation away from Philip Zack who, purportedly, is working for Donald Rumsfeld. He was the guy who wrote the letter while working at Fort Detrick that got an Egyptian scientist fired. In that letter were similar words as "Arabs are going to kill the Jews". Eventually, Zack was fired when it was discovered that he was behind this letter. After he was fired, it was found that he was being let into the Fort Detrick facility during the after hours. Might Ivins have provided this anthrax to Phil Zack not knowing what Zack was up to? Also, what is Zack's ideology and how close is he to the Bush Administration?

This means George Bush and the gang were behind more than forging letters (al Qaida/Iraq connection and Niger Yellocake/Iraq connection). In November after Obama wins the Justice Department must be cleansed and the Bush Administration must be thoroughly investigated and if found guilty of these things, including the anthrax attack, they must go to prison.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Nass,

There's something that has bothered me about this whole Jean Duley account...

As I understand it, patients admitted for inpatient psychiatric care usually are prohibited from making phone calls - cell phones are confiscated, and conversations with other people are limited to family members during visiting hours only, and hospital staff. Even contact between patients is limited to group therapy sessions.

So, how could Dr. Ivins threaten Ms. Duley from the hospital? She would have to be affiliated with the hospital, and would have to meet with him in person. He certainly would not be allowed to call her at 4:00am in the morning, as she alleged in the Washington Post article dated 8/10/08