Monday, August 11, 2008

Senator Grassley asks for Answers on Amerithrax Investigation

On August 7, 2008 Senator Grassley wrote to Attorney General Mukasey and FBI Director Mueller asking them to answer 18 excellent questions about their investigation.


Anonymous said...

Article from 1998

Washingtons Blog said...

Dr. Nass,

I found 2 articles implying that even the CIA had Ames anthrax prior to the 2001 attacks (not sure whether or not it was RMR-1029):

Also, as of December 2001, the FBI was not investigating Dugway Proving Ground, even though that facility did make dry, weaponized anthrax:

I've heard that in 2002, FBI director Mueller confirmed that neither Dugway or Battelle Memorial Institute were being investigated, although I haven't been able to confirm that fact yet.

Anonymous said...

Some people seem to take Dr. Ivins' "suicide" as proof of a guilty conscience. But if it were so clear that Dr. Ivins did commit suicide, then why is the Government still searching Fredrick County Public Library computers for evidence of a suicide note? (See Affidavit in support of Search Warrant dated August 07, 2008 at

Anonymous said...

"[T]wo doctors who came over from the Soviet Union and work at the facility [where Dr. Ivins worked] think the FBI's behavior is worse than the KGB." ("Fort Detrick Scientist: Ivins Innocent, FBI Worse Than KGB!"

I would just add this. We don't know whether Dr. Ivins did, or did not, intentionally kill himself. We do know that he was running out of money to keep paying lawyers; and that he had two children in college.

Suppose, just suppose, Dr. Ivins was actually innocent. Suppose that he had been told by his lawyers and others, that the truth would come out eventually. Suppose even further that he believed in his country, and since he knew he was innocent, he believed with great certainty that the real culprits would ultimately be caught.

He knew that if things continued as they were going he would be bankrupt in a matter of months, leaving his wife with no money and no home, and his children with no college education. And unlike the situation with Dr. Hatfill, the FBI had been careful not to publicly label him as "a person of interest". So in his case, there wouldn't be any rainbow, or any gold at the end.

Is it a great stretch to imagine Dr. Ivins might have believed his loved ones would be better off without him?

Washingtons Blog said...

Dr. Nass,

I wrote an essay setting forth my hypothesis that it is more likely that a CIA contractor carried out the attacks than that Ivins did.

The essay does NOT necessarily reflect your views or anyone elses views who is referenced to or posts comments on this site.

In addition, as with everything I write, I am open to hearing contrary facts and civil critiques.

Anonymous said...

George Washington might be able to come up with another excellent blog post with the information in thse videos.

Number 8 has to do with The anthrax Vaccine. I strongly recommend all videos be watched entirely.