Sunday, August 3, 2008

Case closed?

On the one hand, the Justice Department is considering closing the anthrax letters case this week.

On the other hand, the FBI seized computers (and this time with no court order) from the Frederick Public Library this week.

Looks like they were in a hurry. Last two times they examined computers they had a court order. So now the computer sites of a mentally disturbed scientist are going to be some of the evidence that convicts him, post-mortem?


Anonymous said...

Hmm, not the first time that a Fort Detrick
scientist ends up dead from "suicide". Don't
forget the case of Frank Olson, whose
murder was covered up by none other than
Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld
during the Ford Administration.

Anonymous said...

Well, Daschle certainly doesn't consider this case closed!

Anonymous said...

Tom Daschle certainly doesn't consider this case closed:

Anonymous said...

More from Daschle here: