Monday, August 4, 2008

Op-Ed: The Death of Mr. Ivins

This am's Hartford Courant carries a sensible Op-Ed. It ends,
Congress should press the Justice Department for a full and public accounting of this case. Forcing the FBI to lay out its evidence against Mr. Ivins is the only way the public can be sure the agency's methods were reasonable. It's only fair.


Anonymous said...

the question people should be asking themselves is why Ivins would have wanted to frame arabs for the anthrax scare? And since the Antharx scare has been linked to 9-11, andn no arab was involved, does that not indicate that no arab was involved in 9-11?

Anonymous said...

There is a great interview with Francis A Boyle who is one of the experts in the area of bio terrorism and who first reported to the FBI that the anthrax used in the attacks of US Senators and others was certainly manufactured in US military labs.

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