Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Covidicide/ Brett Wilcox

Brett Wilcox is a fabulous writer, and is spot-on about the real (but deliberately unmeasured) effects of our deliberately misguided approach to Covid-19:  

Covidicide [ koh-vid-uh-sahyd]: killing, death and destruction caused by or subsequent to COVID related measures, policies, rules, pronouncements, interventions and treatments including but not limited to the following:

• the planned, purposeful, and coordinated killing of nursing home residents by government officials in several countries via compulsory co-mingling of COVID patients with COVID negative residents.

• the killing of nursing home residents as a consequence of loneliness, isolation, depression, and sickness due to the long-term forced separation from healthy family and friends.

• the planned and purposeful killing of elderly and disabled patients via administration of respiratory-inhibiting drugs including morphine.

• the killing of both COVID and non-COVID patients by refusing to provide care to real and present patients purportedly to free up resources for theoretical, future patients.

• the killing of COVID patients who are instructed to stay home until their condition has deteriorated rather than seek out and receive early intervention and treatment.

• the killing of non-COVID patients by withholding standard medical care over extended periods of time including diagnostic tests, treatments, and interventions.

• the killing of inpatient COVID patients via profit-driven but contraindicated intubation and ventilation.

• the killing of patients via unwanted Do Not Resuscitate orders.

• the planned and purposeful injuring and killing of people in the HCQ related UK Recovery and WHO Solidarity trials where late-stage COVID patients were given four times the recommended HCQ dosage normally given to early ambulatory patients with zinc and/or azithromycin.

• the planned and purposeful injuring and killing of people who were prevented from receiving HCQ as a result of the fraudulent Surgisphere study which was published by the Lancet [and later retracted] and promoted as evidence against the safety and efficacy of HCQ.

• the planned, purposeful and coordinated killing of people by so-called experts with their claim that there are no known COVID treatments, the censorship of information regarding COVID treatments, and by limiting and/or removing access to such treatments including but not limited to HCQ.

• the planned, purposeful and coordinated killing of people who would have received effective treatments were it not for the silencing, firing, censoring and punishment of medical providers who successfully treat COVID patients.

• the killing of people caused by doctors who fail to honor their Hippocratic Oath by withholding information from COVID patients regarding known and recognized COVID treatments and/or by refusing to prescribe such treatments.

• the killing of people caused by the failure of so-called experts and medical professionals to inform the public of known and recognized natural and inexpensive strategies to strengthen the human immune system.

• the killing of COVID and non-COVID patients who fail to seek medical care due to unreasonable fear caused by fear mongering from so-called experts and the 24/7 panic news cycle.

• the killing of COVID and non-COVID patients who are prevented from having an advocate by their side to ensure proper medical care and to guard against unnecessary and dangerous medical care.

• the killing of individuals due to heart failure, strokes and other causes via 24/7 COVID-related fear mongering.

• the accidental and/or purposeful loss of life due to excess use of pharmaceuticals, alcohol, and other drugs used as COVID-related coping strategies.

• suicide resulting from psychological and emotional trauma and/or financial distress due to COVID measures including lockdown, chronic social isolation, bullying, and shaming.

• the killing of community members resulting from COVID-related fights and assaults.

• the killing of individuals due to complications from mask use including hypoxia, hypercapnia, loss of consciousness, falls, and infections.

• the killing of individuals who submit to ineffective and dangerous flu shots due to COVID-related fear mongering.

• the killing of individuals via unethical testing and the release of experimental vaccines brought to market at “warp speed.”

• the destruction of healthy child development and healthy parent/child relationships caused by chronically frightened and traumatized parents, the masking of parents and/or children, fear of parent/child physical contact, and obsessive focus on hygiene.

• the destruction of the family caused by COVID-related separation and isolation via forced detainment/quarantine camps and other facilities.

• the destruction of the global food system resulting in increased malnutrition, compromised health, loss of IQ, disease, and/or starvation.

• the killing of individuals by police officers and/or soldiers due to COVID-related measures or consequences including riots, curfews, travel restrictions, etc.

• the killing of truth via fabricated and/or inaccurate COVID-related statistics including exaggerated disease projections, the fraudulent reclassification of COVID deaths, and PCR-test chicanery resulting in exaggerated and meaningless case counts.

• the killing of common sense and critical thinking skills as manifested by unquestioning submission to endless inane, dangerous, and/or contradictory pronouncements from so-called experts.

• the destruction of education caused by scientifically and morally indefensible school-related COVID measures including mask use and other barriers, online learning, and over exposure to toxic substances, all of which negatively impacts student and teacher well-being, learning and participation, resulting in increased behavioral and mental health issues, withdrawals, “dropouts”, risky behaviors and suicide.

• the killing of the arts and the personal, interpersonal, and societal benefits derived from the creation, expression, and experiencing of the arts.

• the planned and purposeful destruction of the global economy, economic systems and the forced closure of millions of businesses deemed non-essential resulting in unemployment, loss of income and savings, despair, illness, premature death and suicide.

• the killing of kindness, love, good will and civility.

• the killing of bodily autonomy and individual sovereignty.

• the killing of parental rights regarding the care and education of their children.

• the killing of God-given, Constitutionally recognized rights including but not limited to freedom of speech, freedom to assemble, freedom of religion, and freedom of privacy.

• the potential bastardization and/or annihilation of the human race caused by the unpredictable and unknown effects of vaccines designed to permanently alter human DNA.

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Oh my gosh, I love you Dr. Nass! Thank you for being so tough.