Tuesday, November 3, 2020

As Europe goes into lockdown again, how are we doing in the US?

Covid-linked deaths in the US,  March 1 - November 2.  

How many new cases is your state seeing permillion population?  My state, Maine, has fewer new cases (63 per million) than every state except Vermont and Hawaii, but harsher restriction were just imposed by the governor.

A commenter pointed out that medical staff are burned out.  They still have to fear that every patient and every surface, as well as the air they breathe, could pose a deadly danger to their other patients, staff and themselves.

If we had tests that measured T cell immunity using validated measures, we could determine who was already immune--and those healthcare personnel could relax, take off the PPE and stop worrying.  They could do their jobs in peace.  

But instead we have impossible to interpret, unreliable, irreproducible PCR tests and entirely worthless antibody tests, ten months into the worst pandemic in a century.  Whatever happened to modern medicine?  Brett Giroir, the testing Czar, where are you?

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