Saturday, November 14, 2020

HCQ: The Biggest Blunder Public Health Has Ever Made/Joel Hirschorn, Op-Ed News

Thanks to Joel Hirschorn at OpEd News for this quick, clear summary of the data on hydroxychloroquine:

The attack on the current pandemic can pursue four possible approaches. But because of the incredible power of one man, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the federal government is using only three of them: contagion control (curbing virus spreading through masks, social distancing, and lockdowns), hospital treatments and vaccines. What is missing?

It is early home/outpatient treatment as soon as a person gets COVID-19 symptoms or a positive test result. Early means within the first few days. A lot of evidence shows that 70 to 80 percent of covid deaths could have been prevented and still can for those still dying every day. That means for the over 240,000 deaths already in the US probably over 180,000 could have been prevented.

Do we have an effective home/outpatient treatment? Yes. And it has been proven effective on thousands of Americans because of a relatively small number of physicians willing to go against what the National Institutes of Health and the Food and Drug Administration have done. NIH has specifically said there is no approved home/outpatient treatment despite all the evidence that several doctors have created and used protocols that really work to keep people safe, healthy and out of hospital. And the FDA has explicitly made it very difficult to get and use a key medicine used in most of the proven protocols, namely hydroxychloroquine (HCQ).

One immediate rational question is: Why would the constantly esteemed Fauci intentionally ignore home/outpatient treatment when over 240,000 Americans have already died from covid and more every day? Why does Fauci favor letting covid victims wait until they get so sick they must be hospitalized. And why is this happening despite all the attempts at contagion control not working effectively, and infringing on personal freedoms and harming the economy?

One answer is that Fauci has always had a very close relationship with drug companies. Many billions of dollars for hospital medicines and vaccines are the logical answer. All the home/outpatient treatments use cheap generic medicines and vitamin supplements. Always follow the money.

How can you learn the facts about the home/outpatient treatments? There are three very good websites offering information from doctors.

First, the best and most useful one is by Americas Front Line Doctors. You can find detailed information on what the protocols consist of and on what states have done to block use of HCQ. Even more useful is that you can find a doctor in your state that can help you get what you need for using a protocol. There is also a White Paper by Dr. Simone Gold who some time ago concluded: "What we do know is that 70,000-100,000 excess American lives have been lost due to lack of access to HCQ."

Second, is the website by the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons. Here you can find the excellent "A Guide to Home-Based COVID Treatment" embraces early use of a HCQ cocktail. It makes this key point: "Zinc is critical. It helps block the virus from multiplying. Hydroxychloroquine is the carrier taking zinc INTO the cells to do its job."

Third, is where you can access a number of presentations by the leading doctors using and promoting early home/outpatient treatment for covid.

But you may still be skeptical. Do these protocols using HCQ really work? There is a mountain of evidence. Here is just a small sampling.

In those countries with wide early use of HCQ the death rate is 71 percent lower than in those nations, like the US, where its use has been limited by government. Some 600,000 people have been saved worldwide. The data imply a saving of way over 150,000 US lives, a figure that will increase as the number of deaths, sadly, keeps increasing without using home/outpatient use of HCQ.

Recently Dr. Harvey Risch said: "Many or most of the 220,000 deaths in the United States to date could have been prevented by widespread HCQ use that the FDA blocked. It is the FDA that is responsible for these deaths, not the president." But Fauci is the power behind the throne, dictating FDA actions.

Frontline doctor Brian Tyson said that he has cured over 1,900 patients, and has said that between 75 and 80 percent of the over 200,000 deaths thus far could have been prevented by using HCQ!

Dr. Zev Zelenko a pioneer in using a HCQ cocktail, including zinc, that cut hospitalizations by 84 percent, started a petition in October, naming Fauci and other government officials who blocked HCQ use in March, noting: "Over 160,000 people were hospitalized and died unnecessarily. Let's make life saving treatment available and end the pandemic. Let's bring these criminals to justice."

For early use of HCQ, 171 studies have shown a median 64 percent reduction in negative virus impacts, hospitalizations or deaths. Early treatment studies show 100 percent effectiveness.

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