Thursday, November 26, 2020

Too Much Caution Is Killing Covid Patients/ WSJ Nov 24

    Doctors should follow the evidence for promising therapies. Instead they demand certainty.


    OldLeonB said...

    Hi, Dr. Nass. Re. your Blog with the WSJ article -- I don't know about what other folks are seeing, but any link I try to click on steers to's "About" page -- no info. Hoping it's just me but trying to let you know in case something needs fixing. Thank you so much for your posts, presentations, etc.

    John said...

    Japan Covid19 cases

    Numbers of inpatients are increasing. The ratio to the number of beds secured for patients has increased, and is at a higher level in some regions.

    The trend of increasing new cases of infection has been stronger since November; it has increased more than twice in 2 weeks and has reached a record high.