Thursday, March 7, 2019

Vaccine kills famous cancer researcher in January 2019

It is not a question whether vaccines are safe, the real question is how safe?  8 weeks ago a famous cancer specialist died hours after receiving a yellow fever vaccine.  For him, they were clearly not safe enough.  From CNN:
"(CNN)  "A leading cancer expert, who was described as a "pioneer" in his field by Prince William, has died suddenly after receiving a routine yellow fever vaccination.
Martin Gore, 67, died January 10, 2019 after receiving the vaccine, which is recommended to travelers visiting sub-Saharan Africa, most of South America, and parts of Central American and the Caribbean...
Gore's death casts light on the heightened risk associated with the yellow fever vaccine and the over-60 demographic. Typical side effects of the vaccine include headaches, muscle pain, mild fever and soreness at the injection site, according to the NHS.
However, the vaccinations can, in rare circumstances, cause more severe side effects, including allergic reactions and problems affecting the brain or organs. The NHS estimates that these reactions occur less than 10 times for every million doses..."

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