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Immunization Rates by State, 2017 - 2018/ CDC

TABLE 1. Estimated vaccination coverage* for MMR, DTaP, and varicella vaccines among children enrolled in kindergarten, by vaccine and immunization program — United States and territories, 2017–18 school yearReturn to your place in the text
Immunization programKindergarten populationNo. (%) surveyedType of survey conducted§Local data available onlineMMR**DTaP††Varicella
2 doses (%)4 or 5 doses (%)1 dose (%)2 doses (%)
Alabama¶¶57,24557,245 (100.0)CensusYes≥92.7≥92.7≥92.7NReq
Alaska***,†††9,692707 (7.3)Stratified 2-stage cluster sampleNo91.691.1NA91.3
Arizona¶¶81,71081,710 (100.0)CensusYes93.493.596.2NReq
Arkansas§§§39,63038,242 (96.5)Census (public), voluntary response (private)No91.991.3NA91.6
California§§§574,702564,121 (98.2)CensusYes96.996.498.2NReq
Colorado¶¶65,71865,718 (100.0)CensusYes88.788.6NA87.7
Connecticut¶¶39,17439,174 (100.0)CensusNo96.596.5NA96.3
Delaware10,9881,053 (9.6)Stratified 2-stage cluster sampleNo96.796.9NA96.7
District of Columbia¶¶8,2058,205 (100.0)CensusNo81.379.7NA80.5
Florida¶¶,***222,397222,397 (100.0)CensusYes≥93.7≥93.7NA≥93.7
Georgia¶¶131,459131,459 (100.0)CensusNo≥93.4≥93.4NA≥93.4
Hawaii16,3251,040 (6.4)Stratified 2-stage cluster sampleNo95.695.496.2NReq
Idaho22,55322,458 (99.6)CensusYes89.589.3NA88.6
Illinois¶¶144,858144,858 (100.0)CensusYes95.295.3NA94.8
Indiana84,29670,857 (84.1)Voluntary responseYes90.494.3NA90.2
Iowa¶¶39,63239,632 (100.0)CensusYes≥93.0≥93.0NA≥93.0
Kansas***,†††,§§§38,4848,728 (22.7)Stratified 2-stage cluster sampleYes89.189.5NA88.3
Kentucky***,§§§55,15250,538 (91.6)CensusYes92.693.7NA91.7
Louisiana¶¶58,27758,277 (100.0)CensusYes96.197.7NA95.6
Maine13,25512,527 (94.5)CensusYes94.395.396.5NReq
Maryland§§§68,52867,747 (98.9)CensusNo98.699.0NA98.6
Massachusetts¶¶,§§§63,37763,377 (100.0)CensusYes96.396.4NA96.0
Michigan¶¶119,028119,028 (100.0)CensusYes95.095.3NA94.7
Minnesota***69,80767,372 (96.5)CensusYes92.592.8NA92.2
Mississippi¶¶39,28439,284 (100.0)CensusYes≥99.4≥99.4NA≥99.4
Missouri¶¶73,11373,113 (100.0)CensusNo95.295.3NA95.0
Montana¶¶12,18812,188 (100.0)CensusNo93.292.6NA91.6
Nebraska§§§26,31325,796 (98.0)CensusNo96.296.7NA95.5
Nevada37,1781,769 (4.8)Stratified 2-stage cluster sampleNo93.092.6NA92.6
New Hampshire12,16511,939 (98.1)CensusNo≥92.4≥92.4NA≥92.4
New Jersey¶¶107,630107,630 (100.0)CensusYes≥96.1≥96.1≥96.1NReq
New Mexico26,8961,256 (4.7)Stratified 2-stage cluster sampleNo94.894.9NA94.5
New York (including New York City)¶¶226,456226,456 (100.0)CensusYes97.296.9NA96.9
New York City¶¶100,466100,466 (100.0)CensusNo97.897.3NA97.4
North Carolina***,§§§127,197120,827 (95.0)CensusNo97.096.8NA96.8
North Dakota10,36510,293 (99.3)CensusYes94.294.1NA93.9
Ohio138,753132,763 (95.7)CensusNo92.192.1NA91.5
Oklahoma***53,89848,481 (89.9)Census (public), voluntary response (private)No92.693.996.8NReq
Oregon¶¶,§§§45,81845,818 (100.0)CensusYes93.292.494.4NReq
Pennsylvania141,571123,377 (87.1)Voluntary responseYes96.797.0NA97.0
Rhode Island¶¶,***,§§§11,02511,025 (100.0)CensusYes96.496.2NA96.0
South Carolina58,45816,174 (27.7)Stratified 1-stage cluster sampleNo96.396.6NA96.1
South Dakota12,12512,112 (99.9)CensusYes96.695.9NA95.8
Tennessee¶¶,***78,74378,743 (100.0)CensusYes96.996.7NA96.8
Texas (including Houston)***,§§§387,981378,008 (97.4)CensusYes96.996.8NA96.4
Houston***,§§§43,34038,343 (88.5)Voluntary response (public), Census (private)No95.195.2NA94.7
Utah¶¶48,82748,827 (100.0)CensusYes93.493.2NA93.7
Vermont¶¶6,2556,255 (100.0)CensusYes94.194.0NA93.2
Virginia†††100,5814,224 (4.2)Stratified 2-stage cluster sampleYes95.598.2NA93.3
Washington***85,11879,977 (94.0)CensusYes90.690.7NA89.4
West Virginia****19,51915,120 (77.5)Voluntary responseYes98.498.0NA98.1
Wisconsin***,†††,§§§66,1781,223 (1.8)Stratified 2-stage cluster sampleNo91.896.5NA91.2
WyomingNANANot conductedNoNANANANA
Territories and associated states
American Samoa¶¶,****758758 (100.0)CensusNo90.981.8NReqNReq
Federated States of Micronesia¶¶1,8861,886 (100.0)CensusNo94.075.8NReqNReq
Guam2,625700 (26.7)Stratified 2-stage cluster sampleNo85.092.0NReqNReq
Marshall Islands¶¶1,0861,086 (100.0)CensusNo96.667.7NReqNReq
Northern Mariana Islands¶¶876876 (100.0)CensusNo92.875.6NA92.6
Palau¶¶,¶¶¶313313 (100.0)CensusNo100.0100.0NReqNReq
Puerto Rico††††NANANot conductedNoNANANANA
U.S. Virgin Islands††††NANANot conductedNoNANANANA
Abbreviations: DTaP/DT = diphtheria and tetanus toxoids (DT) and acellular pertussis vaccine; MMR = measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine; NA = not available; NReq = not required for school entry.
* Estimates are adjusted for nonresponse and weighted for sampling where appropriate. Estimates based on a completed vaccine series (i.e., not vaccine-specific) use the “≥” symbol. Coverage might include history of disease or laboratory evidence of immunity.
 The kindergarten population is an approximation provided by each program.
§ Sample designs varied by state or area: census = program attempted to include all schools (public and private) and all children within schools in the assessment and had a student response rate of ≥90%; 1-stage or 2-stage cluster sample = schools were randomly selected, and all children in the selected schools were assessed (1-stage), or a random sample of children within the schools was selected (2-stage); voluntary response = a census with a student response rate of <90 br="" does="" imply="" not="" optional="" participation="" that="" was=""> Some programs publish kindergarten vaccination data online that are more detailed than the state-level estimates in this table. Examples of more detailed data include county, parish, school district, and school-level estimates.
** Most states require 2 doses of MMR; Alaska, New Jersey, and Oregon require 2 doses of measles, 1 dose of mumps, and 1 dose of rubella vaccines. Georgia, New York, New York City, North Carolina, and Virginia require 2 doses of measles and mumps and 1 dose of rubella vaccines. Iowa requires 2 doses of measles and 2 doses of rubella vaccines.
†† Pertussis vaccination coverage might include some diphtheria, tetanus toxoids, and pertussis vaccine (DTP) vaccinations if administered in another country or by a vaccination provider who continued to use DTP after 2000. Most states require 5 doses of DTaP for school entry, or 4 doses if the fourth dose was received on or after the fourth birthday; Illinois, Maryland, Virginia, and Wisconsin require 4 doses; Nebraska requires 3 doses. The reported coverage estimates represent the percentage of kindergartners with the state-required number of DTaP doses, except for Kentucky, which requires ≥5 but reports ≥4 doses of DTaP.
§§ Medians calculated from data from 49 states and the District of Columbia (i.e., does not include Wyoming, Houston, New York City, American Samoa, Federated States of Micronesia, Guam, Marshall Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, Palau, Puerto Rico, or U.S. Virgin Islands). Coverage data were reported for 3,988,127 kindergartners.
¶¶ The percentage surveyed likely was <100 100="" about="" actual="" as="" based="" br="" but="" current="" enrollment.="" incomplete="" information="" is="" on="" reported="" the="">*** Did not include some types of schools, such as online schools or those located on military bases or in correctional facilities.
††† Kindergarten vaccination coverage data were collected from a sample, and exemption data were collected from a census of kindergartners.
§§§ Counted some or all vaccine doses received regardless of Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices recommended age and time interval; vaccination coverage rates reported might be higher than those for valid doses.
¶¶¶ For Palau, estimates represent coverage among children in first grade.
**** Reported public school data only.
†††† Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands did not report data for the 2017–18 school year because of widespread logistical issues caused by Hurricane Maria.

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