Friday, March 8, 2019

Measles Risk to Most Immunocompromised Highly Exaggerated

While the supposed justification for imposing vaccine mandates throughout the United States is to protect the immunocompromised, the actual justification is to protect Pharma profits and then to increase the number of government-recommended vaccines, for which pharmaceutical companies face no liability for injuries.  Pharma's plan is to greatly expand vaccine sales, from $38 Billion in 2018 to $70 Billion in 2025

In NY state, schools are being instructed by their Boards of Health that to protect at-risk children, they must send home unvaccinated children, even when there has been no measles in their school, if there has been measles in a nearby district. 

How many children die from measles in the US each year?  

There has been only one death of a child from measles in the past twenty years in the US!  I have confirmed this with the CDC.  His death was in 2003, and yes, he was immunocompromised by a bone marrow transplant.  No US children have died in the last 15 years from measles.

This is probably because the number of immunocompromised, at-risk individuals is extremely limited.  Only those with a few T-cell deficiencies are at risk; the rest are not, according to the CDC: 
"Measles in an immunocompromised person can be severe with a prolonged course. It is reported almost exclusively in persons with T-cell deficiencies (certain leukemias, lymphomas, and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome [AIDS]). It may occur without the typical rash, and a patient may shed virus for several weeks after the acute illness. 
The above quote comes from the CDC Pink Book, the last word on vaccine-preventable childhood infections.  This information should help define the many immunocompromised individuals who DO NOT need to be protected from measles, since their condition does not put them at higher risk.

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