Thursday, October 6, 2022

Who missed the 4th Nordstream Pipeline? Jeffrey Sachs tells yet another outrageous truth

It’s one week later. The natural gas has all bubbled to the surface. Yet the pipeline owners have not been allowed to inspect the damage.

MOSCOW, Oct 4 (Reuters) - The operators of two Baltic Sea gas pipelines that linked Russia and Germany until they both sprang major leaks last week said they were unable to inspect the damaged sections because of restrictions imposed by Danish and Swedish authorities.

and it seems the sabotage missed one of the 4 pipes in the Nordstream network. This could be the biggest clue of who did it: two of the munitions hit the same pipe, and missed the 4th one. (Add a joke about how the Poles and the Yanks can’t do anything right.)

Kremlin-controlled Gazprom (GAZP.MM) has said flows could resume at the last remaining intact pipeline in the Nord Stream 2 network, a suggestion likely to be rebuffed given Europe blocked Nord Stream 2 days before Moscow sent its troops into Ukraine on Feb. 24.

From the Guardian quoting Der Spiegel is confirmation that each of the 4 blasts resulted from the equivalent of 500 kg TNT, which could have been placed there directly or been shot from a military aircraft.

Intelligence sources quoted in the news magazine Spiegel believe the pipelines were hit in four places by explosions using 500kg of TNT, the equivalent to the explosive power of a heavy aircraft bomb.

This is a really interesting post from about the sabotage events: details on the planes and a theory that the P8 Navy plane could have dropped the munitions.

I had to laugh out loud at how so many MSM blame Russia directly or with sideways smears for blowing up its own pipeline.

And the corollary is that then Russia gets blamed for for the presumed serious climate impact, too. You can’t make this stuff up. From the same Guardian article:

The methane clouds are being monitored closely. The ICOS, which is analysing the air quality, has shown footage of a huge gas cloud hovering above the Baltic Sea and moving across Europe.

Methane measuring stations in Sweden, Norway and Finland had indicated sharp rises in methane in recent days. Observation satellites are believed to have failed to record the emissions due to cloudy weather, the ICOS said.

It said the emissions were equivalent to an entire year’s methane output for a city “the size of Paris or a country like Denmark”.

“This is really bad, most likely the largest emission event ever detected,” Manfredi Caltagirone, acting head of UNEP’s International Methane Emissions Observator told Reuters.

While I heard hypotheses that the pipelines were destroyed forever by salt water, Scientific American says that is not at all correct, and later in the article describes some methods of repair.

Last week, three different sites along the underwater Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines ruptured and began leaking gas. The circumstances at Nord Stream may be unusual, but subsea pipeline damage is almost an everyday occurrence. Corrosion from salt water can cause leaks, and again and again, accidents occur as a result of commercial shipping. Nord Stream’s pipes also lie under some of the world’s busiest shipping routes. That’s why pipelines have sophisticated protection measures and repair techniques; plans for dealing with leaks and accidents are formulated as soon as the pipelines are built. Engineers will follow a set playbook to begin repairing the damaged sections of Nord Stream as soon as possible.

I warned you that Jeffrey Sachs was burnishing his reputation as a so-called whistleblower (telling us what everyone with a brain already knew, but doing so on network TV) when he said, very deliberately, that SARS-CoV-2 was developed with US-derived technology. He did not say the US created the virus. He did not say it was deliberately spread. He basically said nothing, but because Jeffrey Sachs had said it, people swooned.

So now he has repeated the trick with the pipeline explosions.

Jeffrey Sachs, a world-renowned American professor of economics, believes the opposite. Yesterday, during a TV appearance on Bloomberg, the professor raised the possibility that the Nord Stream pipeline, which brings Russian gas to Europe, was sabotaged by the US, leading television hosts to take him off air. 

“There is considerable circumstantial evidence that the destruction of Nord Stream is a US operation, perhaps with other NATO countries,” Sachs, a Columbia University professor, where he also leads Center for Sustainable Development, tells TRT World. 

“While nothing is certain, the evidence at this stage points towards the US as the most likely cause of the events,” he adds. Sachs’ comments came when he said that the Western narrative of ‘an unprovoked attack’ by Moscow on Kiev is a flawed argument. “The US attempt to push NATO into Ukraine and Georgia was a key reason for this war,” Sachs says. 

Again, he has told us what everyone already knew, but because it was Sachs and it was network TV, there was shock and awe.

Watch for his next trick—OOPS, I already saw it. The Lancet COVID Commission. In which Sachs asks us to turn over $60 Billion/year to WHO to assist in its world takeover. That is why he is gilding his lily. He has a big sales job up ahead.

Meanwhile, David Bell has written a devastating take-down of the Lancet report in the Epoch Times. Bell’s review crystallizes the fact that the report is a puerile piece of work, untainted by an understanding of public health literature or practice and unlikely to have been written by any experts in anything. Instead, as I have pointed out before, it is a psychological operation, a work of pseudo-scholarship, designed to enrich the WHO and increase its power.

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