Monday, October 31, 2022

How is it possible that Rochelle believes in the sausage when she oversees the sausage-making machinery?


For Immediate Release  
Monday, October 31, 2022
(404) 639-3286                
Update on CDC Director and COVID-19
CDC Director Dr. Rochelle P. Walensky experienced mild symptoms from her recent COVID-19 infection, completed a course of Paxlovid, and, after a period of isolation, tested negative for the virus. On Sunday, Dr. Walensky began to develop mild symptoms and has again tested positive. Consistent with CDC guidelines, she is isolating at home and will participate in her planned meetings virtually.
UPDATE Nov 3, 2022:
Coffee and Covid suggest that Rochelle really had a recurrent case of COVID because it absolved her from having to answer questions about the rise in all-cause mortality, SADS and vaccine injuries.  

I also protected her from having to answer questions about how CDC's public health data sausage machine was under repair, and how now that it is functioning again, the death reports are really low and really screwy, according to the Ethical Skeptic.

It looks like the finger in the dyke method won't hold up much longer at CDC.


Anonymous said...

IMO: "These Monsters Are Coming For Our Children'!''

"They are coming for Our Children! #3:34 Min Mark!"
'Pls. Bump and Share!' 'Word Must Get Out! T/You!'
'Tricia Lindsay most powerful speech of this year already!'

Pogo said...

I would say that Walensky is unable to to believe in any other way due to over dominance of the left hemisphere of her brain. Dr Iain McGilchrist, (who is a psychiatrist, neuroscience researcher, philosopher and literary scholar) speaks about — in the first three minutes of this interview — how the left hemisphere can not consider itself to be wrong.

The rest of the interview is also illuminating as he elucidates — without resorting to psychobabble — the perils we face from such people.