Thursday, October 6, 2022

There is a problem when you previously had low rates of COVID and vaccinated at a high rate

Each of those 2 things puts your population at higher risk of COVID TODAY than it would otherwise be. Not good for a governor seeking reelection next month on her pro-mandate platform.

BREAKING: 197 Mainers are Hospitalized with COVID-19
Maine has 3rd Highest Hospitalization Rate in Nation

This entire article is courtesy of our friends at Keep Maine Free.

Hospitalizations associated with COVID-19 have spiked to 197, a 20% increase in since last Monday when 164, which was a 3 month high (source: ME CDC COVID Dashboard). That increase is leading most of the nation, where Maine sits at the 3rd highest recent hospitalization rate, just behind Delaware and North Carolina. Among the states leading recent hospitalization rates, Maine has the highest vaccination rate, now at 82%, according to NYT data.

That’s the highest number of current hospitalizations since May 23, when 203 Mainers were hospitalized with COVID-19. What is even more concerning, is that COVID-19 patients requiring critical care bed has increased to 37 - also the most since 5/18.

These numbers are also eerily similar to the October 2021 increase of hospitalizations that began what would be very deadly “Delta Wave.” On October 3, 2021, 205 Mainers were hospitalized with COVID-19.

How many are fully vaccinated?

Maine CDC has not updated COVID-19 Vaccine Breakthrough Data since 9/20, so it is not possible to determine how many of the most recent hospitalizations are fully vaccinated. This post will be updated if and when that data becomes available.

However, for the past 30 consecutive weeks (3/4 to 9/20) the fully vaccinated have made up the majority of new hospitalizations and the majority of new deaths in all but 3 weeks (click here to view my ME CDC Breakthrough Data Log).

During these recent months, the fully vaccinated have made up nearly 3x as many hospitalizations and deaths as the unvaccinated/not fully vaccinated. From 3/4 to 9/20, the Fully According to the ME CDC’s Data, the Fully Vaccinated make up 76% of Maine’s population, 73% of new hospitalizations (968 1327) and 73.5% of reported deaths (295 OF 400) associated with COVID-19 (SOURCES: : 3/4 Breakthrough Data Update and 9/20 Breakthrough Data Update).

SOURCES: : 3/4 Breakthrough Data Update and 9/20 Breakthrough Data Update

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