Sunday, May 3, 2020

Murder Most Foul: the Perps behind COVID-19/ Ronnie Cummins

... But here we are. As our new reality sinks in, as we adjust to lockdowns and home schooling and long lines at grocery stores, as we look for ways to protect ourselves and our families—and as some grieve for lost loved ones—most of us are also seeking answers.
Why does this virus cause so many mysterious symptoms? Why are some cases mild, others deadly? How can we protect ourselves? Whose advice should we follow?
But the biggest questions of all are these: Where did COVID-19 come from? And how can we prevent this from ever happening again?
The answers to these questions may be too disturbing to ponder, especially while we’re still grappling with the impact of the virus on nearly every aspect of our lives.
But our failure to investigate, and directly address, the origins of COVID-19 almost certainly guarantees our failure to protect ourselves from future, possibly even more deadly, pandemics...


John said...

Here may help some, one of our mind boggling experts in charge saying
it came from a lab and no it didn’t in same breath

Is this trillions of dollars missing expert ours rather talking about
the trillions gone being man made and not man made in same breath?

In about 51 sec State Secretary Pompeo Says Evidence Points to Covid-19
Originating in Wuhan Lab and not originating in lab in same breath some Hell of an oxymoron

Anonymous said...

"If" they find out is responsible for manufacturing CV19 can the world community exert enough pressure to shut the Level 4 lab down permanently?