Monday, May 18, 2020

Pompeo and virus' Origin/ CNN

From CNN:
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo appears to be backing away from a theory he and President Donald Trump were pushing that the coronavirus pandemic may have originated at a lab in Wuhan, China...
Yet he still wants to "punish" China.  What a blustering fellow he is, drunk on power, ignorant of facts (as are we all) but still wanting to strike out.   
In his interview with Breitbart, Pompeo emphasized that knowing where the outbreak began is "key" for scientists working on developing a vaccine, and blamed China for "attempting ... to undermine the central understandings of transparency that every country has a responsibility to deliver."
While I want to know the origin of the coronavirus, that information has nothing to do with developing a successful vaccine.  Unless you believe the lab that developed this coronavirus also has produced a successful vaccine against it.  But as far as we know, many labs have tried and none succeeded in creating a safe vaccine for any of the human or animal coronavirus diseases.


Kay said...

The "highly likely" phrase used by Five Eyes partners now over Covid-19, is unfortunately tainted by so many other events claimed to be "highly likely." For example, the weapons of mass destruction said by the US and UK to exist in Iraq, that did not exist, and which ignored experts, like Scott Ritter had said did not exist. Highly likely weapons of mass destruction which did not exist, brought a devastating, illegal war of aggression on Iraq that killed millions of people, and destroyed much of Iraq's infrastructure, causing great suffering in Iraq.And US is still illegally in Iraq, despite being told to leave by Iraq's government in January.

Five Eyes apparent conclusion that the Covid-19 virus came from natural sources in a market stems from advice of partisan scientists who work in the bioweapons research field. They and at least some of the 5 Eyes governments want this work to continue, despite the dangers inherent in this work. If there is to be an investigation into the pandemic, it should look into the work going on in hundreds of US military bio laboratories on the borders of Russia, China, Iran, in African countries, in Afghanistan, Iraq, Ukraine, Georgia etc. If this work, going on for decades was supposed to contribute to the world's security, why were these military biolabs not able to help and provide an antidote for the pandemic?

Ken said...

So far this is the most thorough analysis of the origin of COVID that I've read. Do you have any comments on it? Thanks ahead of time!


Anonymous said...

Trump Admin only backing away from the Wuhan Lab bioweapon accusation because AMERICA's funding of that lab and research was getting exposed. That is how that theory was 'solved' and dismissed.