Friday, April 17, 2020

My KPFA interview on the origin of SARS-CoV-2 and other aspects of the pandemic

I was interviewed by Dennis Bernstein along with independent journalist Sam Husseini tonight on KPFA (Pacifica)'s Flashpoints show.  I did my best to create some flashpoints over the failures of preparedness by the responsible federal agencies, and the enduring threat to the planet from biological "defense" research.


Anonymous said...

I cant wait to listen to this Dr. Nass and discover how federal agencies botched preparedness in Maine not Dr. Dora Mills while she ran Maine CDC.

You mentioned 200 lab escapees a year in one of your posts. Do you know for a fact Dr Dora Mills didn't cover up the details of a mutant strain of salmonella used in a bsl-2 lab which should have been confined to a bsl-3 lab because of mutation? Details: It was not student cellphones near wet bench but bsl-3 mutable salmonella that 200 level microbiology students should not have been handling.

Look it up. Researchers had previously recommended not using the salmonella strain in bsl-2 labs. SMCC and USM did anyway. SMCC and other biotech schools in Maine got the nursing students sick and blamed the nursing students to avoid liability. 2010/11?

Dr. Dora Mills failed to stock Maine CDC with swabs. Not President Trump.

Please look it up. UNE sends a lot of nursing students to SMCC for biology and microbiology. A lot cheaper! Now Dr Dora Mills has been rewarded with a gig at UNE. Watch the stimulus $ land right there.

Moderate, don't Moderate, but please look into it!

Anonymous said...

Good program Dr Nass, I realize you were asked a question and didn't look for someone to blame yourself. Blame does go all around. We are not prepared. No supplies in stock and no way to make them. Shame on Maine.

Who is responsible in Maine for lack of preparedness? Is that a federal agencies fault? Where in Maine is the virus concentrated? Can we do targeted openings in Maine?

Are you familiar with evolutionary biology? Climate change studies are accelerating the lifecycles of test species. We agree virologist and bacteriologists are doing this but are you aware climate scientists are doing this as well? Are the climate studies overseen properly? Can you say for sure this isn't a superbug from the future? I say superbug from the future in the sense it wasn't created under our atmospheric or climatic conditions. Numerous population changes under futuristic climatic conditions coupled to DNA/RNA recombination could change the tertiary structure we love and know Yes!?