Thursday, April 2, 2020

Doctors used to be famously independent, but now they are muzzled lapdogs or will lose their jobs

From Bloomberg's article, "Hospitals Tell Doctors They'll Be Fired If They Go To The Press," 
NYU Langone Health employees received a notice Friday from Kathy Lewis, executive vice president of communications, saying that anyone who talked to the media without authorization would be “subject to disciplinary action, including termination.”
Jim Mandler, a spokesman for NYU Langone Health, said the policy was to protect patient and staff confidentiality. “Because information is constantly evolving, it is in the best interest of our staff and the institution that only those with the most updated information are permitted to address these issues with the media.” 
New York’s Montefiore Health System requires staff get permission before speaking publicly, and sent a reminder in a March 17 newsletter that all media requests “must be shared and vetted” by the public relations department
“Associates are not authorized to interact with reporters or speak on behalf of the institution in any capacity, without pre-approval,” according to the policy, which was seen by Bloomberg News.
The claim that the reason for censorship is because only the most updated information should get out, is BS.  Because who is vetting the information?  Top intensive care physicians or other top docs?  No!  "Communications" and "public relations" personnel are the ones vetting the information.  

And what organization gutted a provision that would guarantee workplace protections for healthcare workers?  The American Hospital Association, or AHA.  

"The hospital industry’s trade group, the AHA, has successfully lobbied Congress to block passage of an emergency infectious disease standard that would strengthen protections for health care workers on the front lines. Earlier this month, House lawmakers scrapped language from a relief bill that would have forced the Department of Labor to create one."
Here are the names, phone numbers and email addresses of the leadership team at the American Hospital Association.  Healthcare workers may want to let them know how they feel about the blocked legislation.

Some nurses have gone out on strike due to lack of equipment to safely do their jobs.  Will doctors be forced to do the same? See here for more. And see here for a doctor who was fired for wearing her own mask at work, despite the federal government being about to recommend everyone wear masks.


Anonymous said...

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Feline Leukemia Virus burst on the scene with some
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The epidemiology is rather incomplete or
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Does the sudden numerous novel retroviruses since about 1970s
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The Lyme Disease map spreading out from epicenter near Plum Island gives
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Anonymous said...

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Danchi said...

"Doctors used to be famously independent, but now they are muzzled lapdogs or will lose their jobs"

This is not true in the least bit. If this was the case than Doctors who have seen the atrocities of vaccination would be more pubic about it but they aren't because they are afraid of 1. Being WAKE-FIELDED 2. Being fired and ostracized by the medical community. 3. Being labeled anti-vax. So the fact they are being muzzled now comes as no surprise.