Saturday, April 18, 2020

Covid-19 clinical trials and Hydroxychloroquine clinical trials

It turns out that hydroxychloroquine has been tested in a couple of hundred clinical trials--BEFORE Covid-19 appeared--for an extraordinarily wide range of medical conditions.  Just to give you a feel for the range of illnesses the drug was tried on (I stopped making a list when I got to 30), they include obesity, the prevention of miscarriage, treatment for a wide range of cancers, the prevention of heart attacks, prevention of blood clots,  prevention of diabetes, and treatment of autoimmune conditions, and even osteoarthritis of the knee.  Noted side effects were either absent or very rare in the completed trials I examined.  Arrhythmia was not one of them.  Only a minority of completed trials had posted full results.

Here is the clinical trials dot gov site for hydroxychloroquine trials, which has 344 trials listed.  

If you want to look at lists of clinical trials in progress for Covid-19, the Transparimed site links to a group of sites that together list  500 trials of therapies for Covid-19.

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