Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Why did Tony Fauci risk everything to call for a coverup of COVID's lab origin? There was a lot more to it than protecting himself and NIAID for sponsoring Wuhan research

After years of pondering, this is what I think. Natural origin was CRITICAL to the entire global takeover

I will show you some old slides and some I just made. If there are missing pieces or you don’t follow my reasoning, I am happy to build out the story. Let’s start today with how pandemics due to spillover from animals were to be blamed on climate change, and we had to gain control of climate change in order to prevent more devastating pandemics.

If they come from labs, this carefully constructed narrative falls apart and climate change is not so dangerous after all.

Great photo of a little bat, below. I’d love one for Halloween.

Note that David Morens and Jeffrey Taubenberger are two of Fauci’s top guys. Morens recently got in trouble for telling us how he avoided giving up documents to FOIA requestors by wiping them and using his private email address for business.

David Morens coauthored this article as well:

Do you see how this dovetails into 15 minute cities, and other controls on what humans are allowed to do and where they are allowed to go? If you read the Lancet COVID Commission reports from 2021 you will get the same flavor of how increased control over agriculture, mining, etc. is to be justified. Enough for tonight.

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