Sunday, October 22, 2023

How can the right questions be asked of the 3 USG witnesses at the WHO Reform hearing on Tuesday--Need Your Help! Please contact their offices, support HR79, ask them to ask questions below

Here are some reps who should be on our side and some questions they should ask, followed by a compendium on the proposed IHR amendments.
  • Nicole Malliotakis—NY Phone: (202) 225-3371 Not a cosponsor

  • Marjorie Taylor Greene—GA Phone: (202) 225-5211 Cosponsor of HR79 Exit the WHO

  • Dr. Ronny Jackson—TX Phone: (202) 225-3706 Cosponsor of HR79 Exit the WHO

and others on the Subcommittee who cosponsored HR79:

  • Debbie Lesko—AZ Cosponsor of HR79, Exit the WHO (202) 225-4576

  • Michael Cloud—TX Cosponsor of HR79, Exit the WHO (202) 225-7742

  • Rich McCormick—GA Cosponsor of HR79, Exit the WHO (770) 232-3005

And here is the office contact for the subcommittee: Phone: (202) 225-5074 Fax: (202) 225-3974

Reforming the WHO: Ensuring Global Health Security and Accountability

I would ask these questions:

  1. Why were the words “human rights, dignity and fundamental freedoms of persons" removed from the IHR in the proposed amendments?  Does your agency support this omission?  

  2. Has the USG made any efforts to place these ideas back into the amendments?

  3. How much will it cost the US to adhere to the pandemic plan in the amendments?

  4. What standards will the D-G use to declare a PHEIC? 

  5. What standards will be used to turn off the PHEIC declaration?

  6. Why does the WHO reserve to itself the right to stop nations using certain treatments? Does the US agree with this provision? (Proposed article 43.4 notes that the WHO could ban the use of certain medications[1]  or other measures during a pandemic, since its 'recommendations' would be binding:

"WHO shall make recommendations to the State Party concerned to modify or rescind the application of the additional health measures in case of finding such measures as disproportionate or excessive. The Director General shall convene an Emergency Committee for the purposes of this paragraph."

  1. Why does the WHO reserve the right to direct nations to censor citizens and be the sole arbiter of truth in the public health sector? Didn’t COVID teach us that there can be more than one valid medical opinion, and that restricting discussion is not in our best interest?

  2. What right has the WHO or US government to give up the intellectual property of private corporations?

  3. Isn’t Transferring genetic sequence data for "pathogens capable of causing pandemics and epidemics or other high-risk situations" to other Nations or third parties, another way of describing the proliferation of biological warfare agents? (Article 44.1(f) (new)).   Isn’t this prohibited or if not, shouldn’t it be?


Below is a compendium I wrote on the IHR amendments:


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