Wednesday, July 29, 2020

State of Ohio Bans Doctors from using Hydroychloroquine--Governor Reverses Order Next Day After Tremendous Attention Focused on It

On July 29, Ohio's Pharmacy Board announced that beginning the following day, neither chloroquine drug could be dispensed to prevent or treat Covid-19. Prescriptions would require a diagnosis and those for Covid would be rejected.  Not only that, if a prescriber happened to have obtained the drug and wished to provide it to to a patient, they were not allowed to do so.

The morning of July 30, after a massive overnight twitterfest about this action, FDA Commissioner Hahn was interviewed on the Today show and said that drug prescribing was a matter between a doctor and a patient. Shortly thereafter, Ohio's governor withdrew the regulation, citing Commissioner Hahn.

The Oregon Pharmacy Board had issued a similar rule on June 15, which was withdrawn on July 14, after it too drew public attention.

No physician association has supported these restrictions on physician prescribing; the system simply did an end run around them, pulling on the levers it had at its disposal.

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