Thursday, July 23, 2020

Masking Lack of Evidence/ Oxford's Center for Evidence-Based Medicine

Curious about the scientific evidence regarding masking?  It turns out, according to two Oxford professors of Evidence-Based Medicine who reviewed the world literature on this subject, that no reliable scientific evidence supports the use of masks.  No reliable evidence says they don't work, either.  The "science" does not help us understand their pros and cons.  

So why demand them?  Perhaps because the authorities have to DO something?   Anthrax vaccine was required for soldiers, apparently because it immunized commanders against the accusation that they did not do 'everything possible' to protect their troops.  Mask requirements perhaps immunize authorities in the same way.

You can look at the evidence on masks a the Center for Evidence-Based Medicine website.  Or you can listen to an amazing, illuminating discussion by the two professors on masks, lockdowns, data, and disastrous decisions that were made regarding the pandemic.  I cannot recommend it enough.

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