Sunday, October 11, 2009

My powerpoint presentation to NVIC conference

The presentation discussed the legal framework for scientific misconduct, other questionable practices in science that are not legally prohibited, and how such practices were employed to create a body of literature that falsely proclaims anthrax vaccine's safety.  Also discussed was the role of anthrax vaccine in bioterrorism, its history since 1970, and the new laws regulating medical products for bioterrorism.  The PREP Act was invoked for anthrax vaccine last year and for all US swine flu vaccines in 2009, creating an entirely new regime for dealing with vaccine injuries, the Countermeasure Injury Compensation Program.  This compensation program prohibits access to the legal system for injuries from "covered countermeasures" such as swine flu vaccine.  The Emergency Use Authorization was invoked by the HHS Secretary in 2005, after the courts lifted the anthrax vaccine license, as a legal means to enable mass military use of an unlicensed product.  It was considered for use if US swine flu vaccines included novel adjuvants.

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