Saturday, October 24, 2009

Emergency Use Authorization Issued for new, unlicensed antiviral drug Peramivir

From the Globe and Mail, Canada:  Peramivir first new antiviral in years.

This might be excellent:  it might be just what severely ill patients with swine flu need. 

However, before using this unlicensed drug, wouldn't you like to know what data exist on its safety and efficacy?  What do we know about iv zanamivir and oseltamvir safety and efficacy, for which there is sketchy information from case reports? (They are not licensed for iv use, but at least in other forms they  have undergone considerable testing.)

I'm glad that CDC and FDA are giving attention to treatment of severe swine flu cases.  What have they learned about the use of IVIG in swine flu patients with an IgG subclass deficit, said to be very helpful in a few Australian cases in pregnancy?   Where does this drug fit in to the swine flu armamentarium?  Hopefully, FDA will be collecting data on all cases in whom it is used.

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