Friday, November 21, 2008

Blinded by the Science: Research Advisory Committee Report Includes Data from 9 Studies of Anthrax Vaccine and Gulf Illnesses

And every one of the nine studies found a relationship between receiving anthrax vaccine and developing symptoms of Gulf War Syndrome. In eight of the nine studies, the relationship was statistically significant. The study with non-significant results was partly retracted by the authors (from the group associated with Simon Wessely, a UK psychiatrist and controversial Gulf War researcher/grantee) after widespread criticism. Please view these data for yourself; they are included as Appendix A-12a in the RAC's report.

It is incomprehensible how the RAC could have reviewed and published these data, then claimed that anthrax vaccine had been "ruled out" as a cause of Gulf War illnesses.

Perhaps someday the concept of Science as an apolitical, scrupulously honest endeavor will return to our culture. But for now, governmental Science is just another buzzword.

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