Thursday, November 20, 2008

Costly program with a shady past // Sickening results

Deborah Rudacille of the Baltimore Examiner has two more excellent articles exploring the underside of anthrax vaccine; its manufacturer Emergent Biosolutions (formerly named Bioport); and how the anthrax attacks provided life support to both the vaccination program, which was about to be cancelled, and to Emergent, which produced only one product: anthrax vaccine.

Exhaustively researched, both articles are must-reads:

Sickening results

Costly program with a shady past


Old Atlantic Lighthouse said...

Thanks for keeping after this. It is so important.

Dick Durata said...

Yes, thanks! That article draws together some very interesting facts.

Also, Daschle to run HHS.

Old Atlantic Lighthouse said...

Emergent Biosolutions

Submergent Truth