Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Outstanding Questions

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Anonymous said...

Again with the hoax letters? The FBI has never said a word about any hoax letters being linked to the case. Why would the anthrax attacker(s) need to send hoax letters, anyway? Plenty of other people were already doing that, especially after the attacks. One more would be lost in the noise.

Old Atlantic Lighthouse said...

Good questions. Some more.

Were swabs for anthrax found in Ivins home, car, etc. that didn't match those in the letters? Do other anthrax researchers have 100 percent no spore home and car environments?


" They swabbed his residence, locker, several cars, the tools in his laboratory, and his office space, but found no trace of anthrax that genetically matched the bacteria in the letters."

If they found anthrax that didn't match in his home, car, etc. but didn't find anthrax that did, it would tend towards making it unlikely Ivins was the mailer.

Anonymous said...

There were such hoax letters before 9/11, they were after too. This undermines the "Ivins is a letter writer" proof of guilt because anthrax threats by mail were common. Remember how Hatfill's commission of a study about anthrax via mail was supposedly evidence of guilt according to prior FBI delusions? (If Ivins was mentally ill, what about the FBI agents who wrote that Greendale School/Sorority/NBC scenario?)

The block handwriting is either 1. made so to disguise the author's natural handwriting, a not untypical criminal conduct or 2. The writing of a person whose first language did not use Latin letters. Say, Arabic or Urdu. Discounting foreign possibilities was economically-correct safety-mongering by the government.

It is possible the FBI floated the London letter story. More likely it was Ms. ______ and her chattering friends who made it up while hunting the Great White Whale, I mean, the Angry White Male Perpetrator. Early versions of her "research" inadvertantly left the word "Hatfill" on her web publications.

Anonymous said...

My outstanding question is, when will the forensic evidence or even, the scientific evidence be evaluated in a forum un-mediated by the Bush administration?

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, I heard McCain will put Sarah in charge of that post haste as soon as he's sworn in.

Anonymous said...

What many fail to realize is that some letters were sent out earlier in the year that implied the destruction of the something as well as explaining that the person reading the letter would not be alive to see it.

Also within this letter was a medallion for the recipient to pray with.

The person that received this one letter thought it was an idle threat and cleaned the area using universal precautions and threw the letter and other items away.