Thursday, September 25, 2008

NYT: Anthrax-Case Affidavits Add to Bizarre Portrait

A judge unsealed a new batch of court documents in the anthrax case on Wednesday, at


Anonymous said...

It is clear that towards the end of his life, Ivin's behavior was "approaching madnss". Alcohol, SSRI inhibitors, ambien, and stress will eventually take almost anyone down. The act of taking one's own life is in itself extreme behavior (assuming it wasn't an accident).

But what about Ivin's behavior throughout his career and specifically, around the time of the anthrax mailings?

The mailing of such material was an extreme act, Ivins would understand the lethality of the anthrax more than most. Yet what we see throughout this time are acts of eccentricity, not homocidal extremism.

Anonymous said...

Reviewin the new documents released, one sees nothing different from the talk of everyday people. The only difference is Ivins is under a magnifying glass. But have you ever listened...really listened to yourself and others around you ? We all engage in talk that if taken literally could sound just as bad as the FBI makes this out to be. Regarding the threats to co-workers, it is not surprising considering the effects of the medications he was taking. Had he not been on these meds, could have been different.

Ellen Byrne said...

Bruce was eccentric. His basic good nature is demonstrated by the fact that several of the email names he used were given to him by colleagues in good nature: kingbadger, jimmyflathead. He kidded people and people kidded him. Until the last year or so he was the definition of affable.

Sending himself e-mails doesn't surprise me at all as he and his coworkers often bantered back and forth over the case - even after they all knew suspicion was on the institute. He was a character, his personality was bigger than life. Clearly, in the last year, the pressures and isolation got to him. I will always remember him as being full of life and good humor. He was a wonderful man and missed by many.