Saturday, June 1, 2024

The new IHRs did get approved last night but with mainly inconsequential changes. A big victory against the WHO's global biosecurity CONTROL agenda


The diplomats in Geneva were called back for yet another Plenary meeting, to approve a new version of the IHR amendments dated TODAY, June 1, 2024.  Finally they approved this version and their meeting ended at 10:48 pm.  This is what was approved:

The bolded words are what has changed from the existing International Health regulations.

I am pleased to report that the document is a “vanilla” version from which all terrible items have been removed, with one exception and one partial exception. I have made screen shots below to show what the problems are.

The one odious item is the agreement to “address” misinformation and disinformation. But as I explained earlier, this is already being implemented by our nations, so it is not new.

The section that demanded digital health documents aka required digital IDs is gone; now both paper or digital health documents can be acceptable during a declared pandemic. The earlier detailed demand to prove the “authenticity” of such documents has been watered down to the need for a doctor to sign the document.  Avoiding the requirement for a digital ID/vaccine passport is huge.

Below is a list of the major bullets we just dodged that were REMOVED from the IHR amendments +/- the pandemic treaty:

  • The "pathogen access and benefit sharing system," the biowarfare agent lending library--gone.

  • One Health--gone.

  • Medical mandates--gone.

  • Digital vaccine passports (aka digital IDs)--gone.

  • Blank check to WHO--gone.

  • Removal of human rights--gone.

  • Ability to call emergencies other than health, like climate--gone.

  • Ability to restrict drugs, require vaccinations--gone

  • Ability to order countries to pass laws demanded by WHO--gone

  • Demand to roll out untested, unlicensed vaccines--gone

  • Demand to give liability shields to unlicensed vaccines and drugs--gone

  • Ability to commandeer products—gone

The globalists got essentially nothing that was important to them. They will keep trying. We will keep stopping them.  The Pandemic Treaty is to be negotiated for another year. So we can’t let up but we won the first round.

I continue to think this is a huge win.

  • Costa Rica does not want to keep negotiating.

  • Slovakia just rejected the entire new IHR!

  • Iran warns it may reject parts of the IHR.

  • Argentina laments the rapid process at the end. Calls for national sovereignty on health emergencies.

  • Netherlands, in the process of changing its governing officials, will defer approval to its next government and its parliament.

  • UK points out that govts can opt in or out of each amendment. The UK will vote on July 4 so the future government will make its decisions on the new IHR.

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