Saturday, May 6, 2023

The entire day (May 3) of the International COVID Summit, and the slides for my presentation

The dozens of presentations lasted for 8 hrs 39 minutes.

While the information presented was not brand new, having dozens of reliable scientists present it, inside the European Parliament, as a complete summary of the COVID disaster was very powerful.

Right at the end attorney Renata Holzeisen, physician Katarina Lindley and I had to reduce our talks to 5 minutes each so we could be out of the room on time.

And on a side note, Sir Dr. Jeremy Farrar (007, License to Overdose) is not currently listed as the WHO’s Chief Scientist on the WHO website. Do you think the puppet-masters decided that the Poisoner-in-Chief had too much baggage to manage the WHO’s attempt at usurping sovereignty over the planet?

So here are the slides for my talk:

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