Tuesday, February 9, 2021

As demand for vaccines plummets, Israel may resort to incentive programs/ Times of Israel


"Proposals include sending health workers to offices of major companies, bonuses for convincing members of public to vaccinate; firms offer cash, mull bans on those without shots... a meeting was held Monday between the directors of Israel’s four HMOs and the Health Ministry where it was decided that a plan would be presented for the approval of the Finance Ministry, which would allow HMOs to give staff members who persuade patients to get vaccinated a salary bonus.Meanwhile, some companies are taking the matter into their own hands.

The BIG shopping center firm announced that it will not allow unvaccinated Israelis into its offices in Herzliya... The Swiss System mattress firm will give a NIS 500 bonus to all of its employees who get vaccinated and even a day off as well, Channel 12 reported. While the “We like you too” cafe chain will be offering its employees a NIS 300 bonus for each vaccinated employee.

The Givatayim municipality will offer a municipal tax deduction for every family that has been vaccinated.

Pelephone, Yes! and Bezeq International announced a collaboration with the “Latet” charity firm in which they will donate a hot meal to those in need for each of the 4,000 employees of the companies who get vaccinated.

Israel is still leading the world in vaccination rates per capita, having given the first shot to over 3.5 million of its citizens and the second to 2.1 million... 

There have also been worrying signs of medical workers declining to be vaccinated.

The vaccines have been available for medical staff since late December, and those who are not vaccinated have declined the shots of their own accord."

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