Thursday, October 22, 2020

My interview discussing the origin of Coronavirus, "gain of function" research, and key people aligned with creating and prolonging the pandemic

Here's the one hour video:

Ronnie Cummins and Alexis Baden-Mayer of the Organic Consumers Association were wonderful to speak with about Covid-19, its murky origins, and the murky response.  Both the Organic Consumers Association and I are trying to get out critical information to the public on all aspects of coronavirus and the pandemic. 

I encourage readers to consider signing one of two petitions calling for a ban on biological warfare (a.k.a. gain of function) research:

1.  For doctors, lawyers, scientists and policy experts to sign

2.  For everyone else to sign 


With respect to a comment about me being the only person saying this is a lab-derived organism, that is hardly the case.

I would say, instead, that Andersen K et al. in Nature Med last March is the only scientific paper claiming it isn't.  And that paper has been widely criticized, not only by me but many others.  It makes no sense, among other things.

A recent 48 page summary of much of the evidence, citing the work of many scientists, is here:

There is plenty of evidence for a lab origin on my blog, going back to late March.  I have since moved on to analyze other aspects of the pandemic.

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