Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Anthrax Vaccine Manufacturer to produce Covid-19 vaccines for US market

Emergent BioSolutions produces anthrax vaccine.  It used to be named Bioport, but changed its name to disguise its past.  Its products have made thousands of people chronically ill.  

It has never brought a product to market.  It has knowingly sold multiple defective products, almost always to the US government.  No one else would buy them. Yet it has inexplicably made 300% profit margins.

And now (very quietly, as none of the companies who have partnered with Emergent BioSolutions seems to want to advertise the partnership) this company will be manufacturing 3 different Covid-19 vaccines--vaccines that have already been selected by the US government for advanced development.  All three of these vaccines have entered Phase 3 (the final phase) of clinical trials.

Emergent BioSolutions will be manufacturing Covid-19 vaccines that were designed by Astra-Zeneca (Oxford University), Johnson and Johnson (Janssen division) and Novavax, a Maryland startup.

Emergent's name may not be on the label, but the company has inked Covid vaccine contracts with the US government and these 3 companies for well over a billion dollars.  

However, they don't have an operation to accomplish this--the company is built on smoke and mirrors.  Tomorrow (September 30) Emergent is hosting an online job fair, and hopes to hire 300 people.  The Covid-19 vaccines will emerge from a factory just out of mothballs, with a workforce substantially filled by new hires.

Here are Emergent's press releases making the announcements:

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