Tuesday, March 31, 2020

CDC considering recommending general public wear face coverings in public/ WaPo

This WaPo piece provides further evidence that the government is well aware this virus transmits via the airborne route.  As a result, indoor air that is shared with those infected (who may be asymptomatic or presymptomatic) carries risk of infection.  You don't need to have someone cough on you.  Breathing infected air is enough to catch coronavirus.

Of 60 members of a choir who came together for a rehearsal, practiced social distancing, used hand sanitizer and did not hug each other, 45 developed COVID and 2 have died.

Dr. David Price, a new pulmonology graduate at Weill Cornell Medical Center, is spreading a terribly dangerous rumor that 99% of infections are spread through touching a contaminated object.  It isn't true.  Airborne spread is a terribly important mode of transmission.  Please don't let your guard down.

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