Thursday, May 9, 2019

Meryl Nass, MD's medical practice

I am a board-certified internal medicine doctor.  I graduated with a degree in biology from MIT, attended NJ Medical School and the University of Mississippi Medical School. I have practiced in Maine since 1997.  

I am passionate about improving the lives of my patients.  I try to find the least toxic methods of treatment for each individual.  I use medicines, supplements, diets, and other healing modalities, as needed, for tough clinical problems like chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic lyme disease and fibromyalgia. 

I believe in First, Do No Harm.  My goals are 1) to use a minimum of medications and avoid iatrogenic (doctor-caused) harms, and 2) answer all my patients' questions as thoroughly as possible.  

I opened a medical practice because there were no local physicians treating chronic, complex disorders like Lyme--despite the large number of affected patients.  (According to the CDC, Maine has the highest rate of reported Lyme cases, per person, in the US.  Hancock County, where I practice, has the highest rate of Lyme in Maine.)

In order to make this practice work, I cannot accept any insurance plans, and patients must pay for my services when services are rendered. While some insurance plans will reimburse patients for the cost of visits, other (including Medicare) do not.

I hope to see patients with challenging disorders, those who wish to reduce their medications and/or use diet and lifestyle changes to improve health, and those with illnesses occurring after tick bites, fibromyalgia-related, or occurring as a consequence of military service or anthrax vaccine.  In my opinion, Lyme and tick-borne diseases should be considered in every patient with an undiagnosed illness.  Tick-borne diseases have taken a large and varied toll on our community. 

I also treat the range of illnesses seen in primary care internal medicine.  

The office phone number is (207) 610-5885.  The fax number is 610-5886.
The office address is 210 Main Street, Ellsworth, Maine, 04605.  My cell (for emergencies) is (207) 522-5229.  My email address is  I do see patients evenings and weekends, if needed for acute illnesses, and can be reached by email as needed.

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