Thursday, November 21, 2013

JFK Assassination: Shot from in Front, Not from Texas School Book Depository/ Surgeon who treated JFK/ CBS News

The scoop on bullet wounds is very simple:  fired from a long distance, the bullet enters an object making a small entry wound, usually the size of the bullet, and leaves the object with an exit wound the same size or, usually, larger.  From the medical website "Explore Forensics":
Exit wounds - as we have already mentioned - are usually larger than the entrance wound and this is because as the round moves through the body of the victim it slows down and explodes within the tissue and surrounding muscle. This slowing down of the projectile means that as it reaches the end of its trajectory it has to force harder to push through. This equates to the exit wound normally looking larger and considerably more destructive than its pre-cursor - the entrance wound. Exit wounds will often bleed profusely as they are larger, but entrance wounds can sometimes look only like small holes...
JFK had the back of his head blown off, as seen in Abraham Zapruder's film (recall Jackie climbing behind the back seat in the heat of the moment to retrieve a large part of her husband's skull).  Now one of the surgeons, who held Kennedy's head in the Operating Room at Parkland Hospital, confirms that the back of the head was missing. That this was an exit wound.  Dr. Robert McClelland further says a colleague, who spoke to the press, was threatened at the time by the Secret Service and never spoke of the assassination again.

The President's vehicle was moving slowly before the shot, so momentum from the car would not propel the large skull fragment backwards with such force.  Two incontrovertible facts:  The fragment went backwards, and the posterior skull wound was much larger than the entrance wound, confirm that Kennedy was shot from the front, not the rear.  Not from behind, where the Texas School Book Depository was located.  Possibly from the grassy knoll.

There is controversy about the Xrays, autopsy, and about so much else.  But the laws of physics are inviolable.  The shot that blew off President Kennedy's posterior skull did not originate from the School Book Depository.


Seattle Reader said...

Sorry, Dr. Nass, but the Zapruder film clearly shows explosion of material out the front of Kennedy's head. Jackie was not climbing over the back of the car "to retrieve a large part of her husband's skull", but simply was attempting to escape the place where her husband had just been shot. The film shows kennedy leaning forward with his head down from due to the previous neck shot, and then being pushed forward, and brain matter blowing out the top of his head (because his head had been leaning down) to the front. Next frame shows a reflexive motion backward as his body responds. kennedy was shot from behind, not the front. Have you reviewed the Zapruder films carefully?

Meryl Nass, M.D. said...

Here is a slow-mo of the hit from the Zappruder film.

The head slams backwards; the missing piece of skull seems to come from the right temporal area, as if he was shot from the left front (by left I mean Kennedy's left).


Meryl Nass, M.D. said...

Just watched Zapruder several more times.

I think Kennedy was shot from the front right in order to miss Jackie; what a shot. If the neck was hit first, there were presumably at least two shooters since the shots are so close together.

Who can say why Jackie climbed over the back, fulling exposing her body, instead of hiding in front of the back seat, but I do not think it was to escape.

Everyone should form their own opinion.

Seattle Reader said...

I agree, forming our own opinion is the only thing we can do. The film clip you referenced is excellent, and clearly seen is Kennedy's head first explosively moving forward, then his body recoiling backward. There is only one frame of the film that shows this, but watching closely, you can see it in that clip as it plays. I just had to state the opposing opinion, which I share, that Kennedy is clearly shot from behind. Thanks for taking a look.