Tuesday, May 24, 2011

David Kelly: Stolen Dental Records???

David Kelly's dental records went missing for several days, then reappeared, according to his dentist.  It now turns out there were several sets of unidentified fingerprints on Kelly's dental file.

This is not what the Hutton Inquiry was told years ago, when it was assured there were no extraneous prints on the file.

Although borrowed dental records make no obvious sense, they perhaps hint that various methods for elimination of Dr. Kelly were considered, and the issue of identifying his body later, using dental records, may have entered into the discussions.  Enough so a review of the dental records was considered worthwhile.  After all, one wouldn't expect that a dental file, borrowed briefly, would be discovered, let alone be reported to police.

I am done being polite about this case.  Kelly would not have wiped his knife (and 4 other items) clean of fingerprints after cutting himself; he did not die from the pills he took since there was only a low (therapeutic) blood level, and it remains unclear exactly how he died, whether much blood was lost, and even where he died.

Kelly was murdered as punishment for spilling the beans about Tony Blair's falsified case for war.  His murder was a terrorist act, its motive to frighten anyone else who might dare to speak the truth about Bliar's "sexed-up" grounds for invading Iraq.  And perhaps to frighten whistleblowers of all stripes, who might challenge the UK government status quo.  Today the UK is #1 among nations at creating a "1984"-style police state, undergirded by an infinity of surveillance cameras.  What a legacy, Tony!

Qui bono?  Who benefited?  Who gave the order?  Which units perform (or hire out) such acts?  Look for ex-soldiers with experience performing the dirtiest deeds in Ireland, Rhodesia, South Africa, imho.  There you will find people who know how the Kellys of this world are "taken care of".

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