Tuesday, December 7, 2010

David Kelly: No fingerprints on tablets in his pocket or knife he supposedly used to commit suicide/ Daily Mail

Calls for an inquest are made anew as lack of fingerprints on the two items supposedly used to commit suicide, (3 packs of ten Co-proxamol [Darvon plus Tylenol] tablets and a pruning knife) becomes public knowledge.

Note that blood levels of Darvon and Tylenol were therapeutic, and did not support any overdose.  Why Kelly would choose a pruning knife instead of a razor blade is another question, especially since the knife had no fingerprints on it and there were no gloves at the death scene.

This case is as ridiculous as the case against Ivins for the anthrax letters.  For Kelly there was no inquest, either--and the doctor who performed the autopsy, Nicholas Hunt, missed major findings, claiming the "overdose" that wasn't one contributed to Kelly's death.
From the Daily Mail:
Fresh doubts have been raised over how Dr David Kelly died after police admitted no fingerprints were found on the packs of pills he supposedly overdosed on...

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