Tuesday, August 3, 2010

CDC is not recommending mandatory flu vaccinations for healthcare workers/Medscape

I have not been able to find the official announcement of this, but according to Medscape, the "Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced on June 22, 2010 that it would not endorse mandatory influenza vaccination for healthcare workers."

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BeCreative76 said...

Hello Meryl!
Totally involved in the Flu Vaccinations!
Novartis shipped out Fluvirin on July 29, 2010/ MedImmune shipped out their FLUMIST on July 23.
I wanted to find out what were the INGREDIENTS! What harm did they cause? So MUCH HARM!
But to see the actual Adjuvants in the vaccinations - now that was the real eye-opener! You know all of that, but it was a shocker to me!
Went to: www.PreventDisease/VaccinationIngredients. Or go to the main page and click onto "Top Topics" H1N1 Vaccine...it opens up to list of all Companies and the Adjuvants - just click on each one and it explains the side effects. (very scary!)
and to: www.NoVaccine.com: World Association for Vaccine Education (WAVE). Scientists, PhD Researchers
A real heavy duty one is: Vaccine Education: www.VaccineEducation.com Here is a list of all of the vaccinations - including military.
www.KorenPublications.com is good in that they have an actual flier of the major Ingredients in the vacines (adjuvants), plus a CD. But the flier comes in a pad of 50 for only $15.00 - good to pass out!
You are doing realy great in getting out the world! That is fantastic!
Also went to the actual sites for MedImmune and Novartis!
Government: National Library of Medicine: www.DailyMed.nlm.nih.gov/ ...Type in"Fluarix or Afluria"...their info!
Scroll doen to Sec 11-14: Description and more!
Three of the worst Flu Vaccines are out this year: Afluria (CSL), FLUVIRIN, and AGRIFLU - but you know that. I went to Novartis's site - really scary! Each one has NEOMYCIN SULPHATE. Also there is Beta-propiolactone, Polymyxin B Polysorbate 80 Gentamicin Sulfate..AND MORE!
All together: real killers to the Kidneys, Nervous System, Immune System, and Sterilizes!
Write to me - PLEASE: alisonsart_work@yahoo.com