Saturday, July 31, 2010

July’s Toll Worst for U.S. Troops in Afghanistan/ NY Times

Excerpts from today's NY Times make clear the Afghans we are supposed to be helping do not appreciate us, to put it mildly.
KABUL, Afghanistan — The deaths of at least 66 soldiers, Marines, sailors and airmen have made July the deadliest-ever month for American troops in the nine-year war in Afghanistan. The tally includes six American service members who died in four separate attacks in southern Afghanistan on Thursday and Friday.

The growing toll follows a sharp increase in the American troop commitment that now stands at 95,000, along with a concerted effort by Taliban militants to slow major NATO offensives in the Taliban heartlands of southern Afghanistan. At least 265 American troops have died this year. The Web site reported 63 American deaths for July; a NATO official confirmed 3 additional American deaths on Friday.

Afghan casualties are rising as well, undercutting the support of Afghan society and complicating the military mission. In Kabul on Friday, a crowd of hundreds of Afghans rioted after a sport utility vehicle carrying American Embassy contractors struck a car of Afghans, killing at least three of them, the Afghan police said.

The riot happened early Friday afternoon on the busy road that connects the American Embassy and military headquarters in Kabul with the city’s airport.

The crowd chanted “Death to America” and “Death to foreigners.”...

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