Thursday, May 6, 2010

Former USAMRIID microbacteriologist, Henry Heine gives his opinion on Bruce Ivins' anthrax production/ Frederick NewsPost

77 second video (online) from Frederick NewsPost


Ellen Byrne said...

So where did Bruce supposedly do the deed?! A nearby lake was drained by the FBI exposing a turtle trap and old bicycle. No spores were found in his car or home. Not only did USAMRIDD lack the equipment and space, such activity could NOT have gone on unnoticed by co-workers. The "we" Dr. Heine refers to in this video are other current scientists and employees of USAMRIID who are not allowed to speak.

Andy said...

Thanks for the video. Someone knows whether a full version of this interview is available? (looks like an outtake)

Ellen Byrne said...

Andy, Megan Eckstein will have the full version. You can contact her here