Saturday, December 6, 2008

Off Topic: Egalitarian Approach to Improving the Health Care System

This is an introductory talk I gave in 1995 about health care reform. It seems equally relevant today. I will post additional thoughts on improving our health care system as the new administration considers ways to cover all Americans, improve quality and cut costs. I think it is doable!

Hint regarding a future post: we do not know much about what it costs to produce nor to purchase health care items. Virtually all reimbursements for healthcare are negotiated. Charges and prices have very little meaning, since the amounts that are paid for identical items or services vary widely between health care insurers, negotiating entities and individual practitioners.

Until we have transparency about what all these numbers really are, we will understand nothing about the cost of healthcare.

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Old Atlantic Lighthouse said...

Having uniform codes is part of the solution. Post the costs on the internet. Post the results of patient care. Information widely and cheaply available is how you get quality care at low cost. Information Econ 101.