Friday, July 13, 2007

Major Study into Long-Term Health Effects, 4/2000: Where are the Results?

DepSecDef Rudy deLeon testified to Congress on April 13, 2000 that federal agencies were working together to study the long-term effects of anthrax vaccine. Seven years later, where is the study? See National Guard Association report below:

Anthrax study conducted as supplies run low

"Federal agencies are collaborating in a major study into long-term health effects of the anthrax vaccine used by the Defense Department, Deputy Defense Secretary Rudy de Leon testified April 13 before the Senate Armed Services Committee...

The Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta is in charge of the $20 million, multi-year study and is working with the DOD, the Food and Drug Administration and the National Institutes of Health, de Leon said in a prepared statement. The study will document possible long-term effects and examine risk factors for adverse reactions and dosing for the vaccine.

"The DOD leadership ... [is] aware of and respects the concerns expressed by a small number of service members about possible long-term health effects," de Leon said. At least 12 studies involving more than 16,000 vaccine recipients have been conducted and show common short-term side effects include local injection site reactions, headache, slight fever, joint pain and fatigue..."