Saturday, June 9, 2007

Mental Disorders were also linked to anthrax vaccine in data supplied to the Institute of Medicine

Overall, hospitalizations for mental disorders overall more than doubled after anthrax vaccinations. For servicemembers who received one to three vaccine doses, hospitalization rates for mental illness tripled following vaccination.

Hospitalizations for affective psychosis in those who received at least one and less than four doses of vaccine were five times greater than before vaccination. In the same group, hospitalizations for "adjustment reaction" tripled. Hospitalizations for "personality disorders" more than quadrupled. Hospitalizations for depression nearly tripled.

Not every illness is more common after anthrax vaccination. Hospitalizations for the majority of ordinary diagnoses do not rise.

These data, generated by the Army's Medical Surveillance Activity in 2001, are very suggestive that anthrax vaccine affects the brain in susceptible recipients.

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