Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Yes, omicron has overtaken delta/ USA Today

From USA Today, information from South Africa on Omicron, with reporting by Karen Weintraub, a superb reporter, whose book on Lyme disease, Cause Unknown, is excellent.

"...Only 2% to 4% of infected people are ending up in hospitals, compared with about 20% during the beta and delta waves, Karim said. Before, two-thirds of those hospitalized had severe cases; now about one-quarter meet that criteria. Death rates are one-tenth as high as they were with previous variants.

"The clinical picture we are seeing is one of substantially less severe disease," he said.

Karim said he doesn't have information on how many hospitalized patients had been previously infected or vaccinated, though he expects to get that soon.

Anecdotally, Karim said, "there's a preponderance of unvaccinated" in hospitals, probably about 75% of patients. "Is it more severe in that group? What's the picture? I can't tell at this point because I don't have that data."

Note that the majority of South African adults are unvaccinated. 

... Unlike other variants, which slowly made their way from country to country, omicron is exploding around the world simultaneously, said Jacob Lemieux, an infectious diseases staff physician at Massachusetts General Hospital.

"In prior waves, we had a few weeks to watch what was happening in Western Europe and other places to know what we were in store for," he said. Not this time. "We're not going to have the luxury of watching what's going to unfold in our country elsewhere in advance."

The reason is that nobody was looking as it spread. 

WaPo update, 12/22/21 5 pm:


Anonymous said...

Is there a preponderance of unvaccinated COVID or NON-COVID related admitted in hospitals? That is what I'd like to know. The words imply that the "preponderance" is Covid related, but that isn't what was actually said.

Anonymous said...

With Pfizer New FDA Ivermectin Plus Pill, may that cancel the EUA's on Vaccines, since the new home treatment is approved by the FDA?

Pfizer pill becomes 1st US-authorized home COVID treatment.

Anonymous said...

“Nobody was looking as it spread”

WTF does that mean!? It has been constant covid/variant fear porn everywhere for the last 21 or more months.

Anonymous said...

It’s beginning to look a lot like GENOCIDE!

Anonymous said...

Good... the sooner we can get Omni circulating around the US and world, the sooner this whole debacle can end. Omni so far appears to be safer than the common cold, or even taking a bath or even using an elevator

@Anon @22-Dec, 4:31pm -- We don't have good data for the USA, but the UK does. The TL:DR data for UK from Nov 20 - Dec 17:
Unvaccinated: 27%
Vaccinated: 73%

Unvaccinated: 17%
Vaccinated: 83%


KRolson said...

One of the most important things that makes the spread and treatment of the Omicron variant in South Africa different is that Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine are freely available and are being used to treat patients with Covid in South Africa.

With that in mind one has to wonder how Omicron will play out in the US and other nations where the drugs use is very restricted.