Saturday, December 25, 2021

It’s Madness What Is Happening to [College] and all Kids/ Brownstone Institute

 by Vinay Prasad, MD

...When it comes to COVID19, there are only 3 things any of us can do:

  1. We can lower the risk of bad outcomes when we encounter the virus. 
  2. We can delay the time to meet the virus
  3. We can engage in theater which does not delay the time to meet the virus 

What goes in these buckets? 

Category 1 (risk reduction) is easy. You can’t modify your age, a huge risk favor, but you can modify your vaccination status, and you can modify your weight and general health. 

Category 2 (delay time to virus) is harder. We don’t have many well done studies, but theoretically if you sealed yourself in a bunker and ate canned food, you would do this. Wearing a snug n95 might also delay the time to meeting the virus. The challenge with these interventions is they are not sustainable by most people, and may lead to fatigue or backsliding, and thus the effect is transient. 

Delaying serves two purposes: 

  1. For the individual, it makes sense if, by delaying, you can do something for category 1 that you cannot do today. If you are waiting for your vaccine, for instance, by all means delay.
  2. For the community it makes sense, if, by some delaying, the pandemic trajectory is bent and hospitals are less likely to be overwhelmed. 

Delaying also has a downside. It may hurt your mental health, particularly when you do it effectively. If you need evidence of this damage: please see twitter.

Category 3 (useless, virtue signaling theater) is the most common. Wearing your mask when you enter a restaurant and walk to your table, but not when you sit there for two hours laughing and drinking is one example. The fact this policy exists reflects serious impairment in thinking and total failure of policy makers. 

Making a 2-4 year old wear a cloth mask in day care (which the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends against the advice of the World Health Organization), but, of course, kids take the cloth mask off to nap next to each other for 4 hours in the same room! Theater.

Closing beaches and other outdoor activities. Wearing a mask outside. The list goes on and on, and most things we did fit in this category. On a side note:  Here we review all data on masking...


Anonymous said...

Really? Waiting for your "vaccine?" A therapy that has to be repeated every 3 months to be marginally effective? Does this doctor really think these "vaccines" are going to help us, or is he just holding on to the tradition that vaccines are good? And no mention of early treatment.

How disappointing.

The Dough Boy said...

Merry Christmas Dr Nass! Thank you for your tireless work. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

CVS pharmacy is ask questions about the mRNA Moderna Vaccination!
Pharmacist admits he should not be giving mRNA Gene Therapy Vaccines?
How long before Youtube Censors it?

Anonymous said...

33 out of 34 hospitalized Omicron Patients in Delhi are FULLY VAXXED
India is only 40% fully vaxxed.

Merry Christmas/HAPPY NEW YEAR Dr Nass! Thank you for your tireless work. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

65% OF ALL after vaccination deaths, from 14,664 total deaths from all vaccines --- from 1990 to present, in 32 years, reported to CDC Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System for USA: are from COVID-19 shots. That is: 9,476 deaths. In one year, this happened. Dec. 2020 to Dec. 2021. After COVID-19 shots.