Saturday, December 4, 2021

Someone told me it was being predicted that Hillary Clinton would be President. I said "Come on." Now I'm worried they could be right.

 The WaPo did a hatchet job on Kamala Harris today.  They didn't really have much to go on, besides 4 staff members who are leaving.

But they managed to get in a "bully" quote, say she burns through staff, she won't read her briefing books and then blames staff for not briefing her.

They managed to fill many column inches with this.  Not that I like Kamala.  But I can read tea leaves.  When a story like this runs in the WaPO, Kamala is soon to be toast.

And if Biden the empty suit then "chooses" Hillary as his Veep, and then retires, dies or the media finally admit he has no brains left, we get Hillary.  Who sure knows how to pull those deep state levers of power.

What an interesting time.  But how many Dems still like Hill?  Won't  she expose this totalitarian takeover to the world?  Tune in tomorrow... 

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